I have decided with this site to begin blogging more frequently. The purpose of this it to provide an outlet for my thoughts and opinions on primarily technology, but occasionally will touch on various topics that come into and out of my life. I usually blog at the Raastech Blog. However, I find that I often limit myself in the from writing to the blog as I don’t necessarily find that what I want to post gets drawn out or I feel it isn’t significant enough to post.

As a way to open up my willingness to post I will put out more consistent postings here. Hopefully this will reduce my brain’s internal resistance to putting out posts, which I believe will lead to more posts also on the Raastech Blog. This follows very much in line with what people such as @saddington have promoted. Email and other written forms are very much a part of many people’s daily lives personal and professional. Written communication is a must in technical endeavours and honing this skill can only make me more effective. Personally I hope that this more frequent posting will result in improved writing skills, and my ability to communicate more effectively in the written form.

For those that have read this; I appreciate your time. I doubt very much that many people if any will read this full post or even click on the link; that is fine with me. As long as I have the opportunity to post and hold myself to it I will be content.


Harold Dost